Exposing Error

Titus 1:9-16

Family Bible Church: Pastor Dan Nave – Jan 8, 2023

Pastor Dan emphasizes that the description in verses 5-9 is not meant to be a job description but instead the character of those chosen as Elders. Verses 9-16 now moves into a job description for those leaders. Those leaders are to hold onto, and defend the true doctrine they have been taught. They do this by correctly dealing with those who contradict the Word of God. Some contradict true doctrine out of partial knowledge but are seeking the truth while others are intentionally fighting against the truth of God. Also dealing with false teachers by identifying and confronting them. A leader cannot shy away from conflict against those who teach false doctrine and are attempting to lead others astray. However a leader must also not forget the point of this interaction, to bring unsaved to the saving knowledge of Christ.